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The Good Part Challenge

The Good Part Challenge       Welcome to my blog post about The Good Part Challenge that will, hopefully, start to create a community of raw honest people getting through life together and taking control of their days.          I had heard a song by AJR titled The Good Part; it talks about how…… Continue reading The Good Part Challenge

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Idiot’s Guide to Internet Security and You

So, I’m a freaking Virgo and I’m OCD. I have to know everything and explore a million rabbit holes!   Is it just me or does anyone else get obsessive about things and then get depressed because it’s over (like a TV show), or depressed because you’ve wasted your time obsessing over something, ooooorrr whatever you’re obsessing over…… Continue reading Idiot’s Guide to Internet Security and You

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Red Wine and Ambien  

We’re so full that were empty.

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The Coat

What would you do if all you had was what you could carry on your back?  What would you keep?  What would you give away?  What if all you had was what someone has given you?   Sometimes I feel helpless, like I haven’t done anything with my life, and that I’m going nowhere and…… Continue reading The Coat