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Buy or Make?? ¦¦¦Can face masks be cheap?

Make a few of your own masks, whatever works for you! Skip the drug store masks, and if you have extra money splurge on the nice ones.

But more importantly, let me know what masks you use! Do you make them?

BUUUUUT more importantly than that, feel free to send me a mask to try 😉

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Dupe that or Buy that? Buy or Bye Comparison of Colour Pop and Sephora Matte Lipstick.

Normally dupes are cheaper but similar quality, nah ah, not my dupe. Mixing mine with a “buy or bye” theme I can save you money, heartache, and still give you that awesome color payout you’re looking for!

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My First Post

Let’s start this ride together and see where it takes us! Check back every week for new posts and maybe someday give-aways.