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Idiot’s Guide to Internet Security and You

So, I’m a freaking Virgo and I’m OCD. I have to know everything and explore a million rabbit holes!  

Is it just me or does anyone else get obsessive about things and then get depressed because it’s over (like a TV show), or depressed because you’ve wasted your time obsessing over something, ooooorrr whatever you’re obsessing over is just freaking depressing? 



No? Just me? Oh ok…I see. Never mind. Bye then. 


Welllll if you are, by chance, like me, here’s a simplified guide to what’s going on in the internetz worldz so you have something new to obsess over that will never end. You can’t get sad about it ending and you definitely won’t be wasting your time learning about it… buuuuttt I can’t promise it never gets depressing.

The Truth…kinda…I think:


I’ve come across two things lately that have made me start digging into internet security.

(I hope to keep expounding of this idea later if ya’ll like it, so this is kinda like a baseline for my ideas.)

 1.    I have a new friend that doesn’t put her card information into anything online.

                             Ok, this really blew my mind! I freaking realized how many times I’ve put my information out there. My credit card and address when buying things. Even my social when applying for jobs and doing taxes and what not. Gosh, I really still do not know how I feel about this!! Is this safe? Is it even avoidable in this day and age?

2.      I watched “I Am Jane Doe”  on Netflix. 

                             WHO FREAKING KNEW THAT  THE COMMUNICATIONS DECENCY ACT WAS PROTECTING SEX TRAFFICKERS?!? CUZ I SURE FREAKING DIDN’T!!!! Basically, there is a law that protects sites like Facebook from a legal entanglement of content posted by their users.  This sounds great, right? No one wants Mark Zuckerberg’s head over “fake news” posted on Facebook. Yeah, we want someone to report “fake news” so that it may be taken down or we may just chalk it all up to free speech.  Either way, it sounds good. But what if, like Backpage, the site in question on the documentary, Facebook was being used for traffic of humans, especially children?  Would we hold them liable then?

                           Good God it’s complicated!!! 

3.       Jake Paul “doxing” Post Malone. 

                              If you’re like me you have no earthly idea who these people are. I still don’t really understand who these people are. But that doesn’t really matter, baybay. What matters is the “doxing.” Eh, what is doxing? It’s publishing someone’s identifying information with malicious intent. 

                           Mr. Jake Paul is a YouTube star with millions of loyal followers, mostly younger kids or teenagers. Most YouTubers find him annoying and poke fun at him; he’s young and does super immature things for views. One YouTuber/Music maker, who is apparently pretty well respected, Mr. Post Malone, bought and tweeted (if you don’t know what twitter is then none of the blog freaking matters to anyways) that he bought some merch (that merchandise if you’re old and not hip). Mr. Jake Paul then somehow got Mr. Post Malone’s addresses and shipment and filmed himself delivering the merch.  He showed his house, his address, his cars and license plates, as well as neighbor’s addresses and cars.   Now, why could this be a problem, you ask? Well, apparently Mr. Post Malone has kept his location private for obvious reasons. He wants privacy, and also any of Mr. Jake Pauls fans, who may or may not be mad and want to hurt Mr. Post Malone, now know where he lives. The vlog (video blog for you old folk out there) is still online, and as far as I know, Mr. Jake Paul has not made any comment, buuuuutt it does seem he lost his contract with Disney. Which I do not what he does for Disney so I can’t comment. So far no legal action seems to have taken place but the YouTube community is on FFFFFFFIIIIIIIRRRRREEE  mad about the situation. The Queen of YouTube, in my opinion, Jenna Moreny, AKA Jenna Marbles, even spoke up about it.   


Well…the end.

Did I give any answers? No. Have I contributed any to society now? Nope. 

But happy rabbit hole chasing this my friends! 

Also comment down below telling me your thoughts on all of these issues and anything pertaining to them! 




Answer back! :)

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