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To the unmarried, young, psycho girl. 

 Hey twin!! Nice to meet you! If you’re reading this then know that I’ve been you! I am you! And I wanted to tell you something.

I dated every type of guy!

The super athlete.

The pathological liar.

The player.

The hippy.

The super nerd.

The druggie.

The alcoholic.

And the cheater.

Sometimes I got a hybrid combination of types. So much fun. (Sarcasm)

And I had all the breakups!

The break up after the ring.

The breakup when his friends were hiding in bushes waiting for him to “make things official.” 

The breakup caused by forwarding his text to his other GF I didn’t know he had. 

The breakup over a text (I did that one – Sorry!)

The breakup where we literally just stopped speaking to each other.

The breakup on our anniversary in a nice restaurant. 

The breakup(s) after I was cheated on. Sadly, I those breakups typically didn’t last long and I jumped back into the relationship.

Trust me, there’s more. But that’s not the point.
The point of this story is I dated guys who always fit almost all fit perfectly in a category and I never fit any of them.

When I met my husband, he was an extreme Libertarian and had agnostic beliefs. I was about to go down that road of molding myself to fit my new boyfriend’s lifestyle again. But I didn’t change for him. I was tired of putting on shows for other people. I didn’t care if this guy didn’t like me I just wanted to be me. Oddly enough we ended up being perfect puzzle pieces for each other.

Not everyone has that “met in highschool and stayed together forever, never kissed before the wedding, both had their crap together” story book love.

That’s actually rare.

Usually, you find someone who matches you and you grow together. You bring life to each other.

I’m crazy:  I’m super pessimistic: I’m always trying to make everyone else’s life perfect.

He’s calm: super optimistic: and always thinking of what’s good for our family.

He’s teaches me to smile when my mind is telling me the world is ending.

I tell him he needs to go to the doctor because he may be dying from an infection in that little cut. He typically doesn’t go to the doctor but he does let me “keep an eye” on it. Lol

Keep being what makes you, you! Don’t ever let someone tell you’re not enough to be loved.

Right now life is complicated for me. I’ve had back to back heath issues and my life is spent with people helping me walk, take a bath, etc. and it’s humbling. Everyday I look at him wondering why this extremely handsome and smart pharmacy student is getting my walker out of the car for me? Why didn’t he leave me in the ER when I threw up all over him? Who on earth besides a mother could love me like this?! There is no faking it with him now. I’m the rawest me I’ve ever been, and somehow he seems to love me.

Find your sanity in yourself and go find your partner that helps find it in you. But most of all find God through each other. Hold each other up.

“They’re bound to be crazy, just make sure they’re crazy like you.”                                

    -Josh Grider Band, Crazy Like You

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2 thoughts on “To the unmarried, young, psycho girl. 

    1. Girl I think it is the life of most women. The key is smart women recognize it and change. BUT truth be told I’ve seen some women life their whole lives to be “someone” for a man.


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