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Modern Day Manners

So, I’m starting this journey, in February not January as not to be confused with a New Years Resolution (I do not like those Sam I am, I do not like green eggs & ham).  I’m starting the journey of manners &  posture. My gut tells me to call this the journey of being lady-like, but my heart tells me that’s a little sexist. Soooooo we’ll just call it Modern Manners & save face with everyone!   

I’ve seen several videos & pictures of myself & realized how much I look like a buffoon.  I don’t carry myself with the class I thought I did. I’m less like Taylor Swift & Audrey Hepburn ( yes I am comparing the two because its my blog post & I’ll do what I want) & more like a well groomed gorilla. Yikes.  

There are a lot of things I want to accomplish in life & they all start with how I carry myself. If I still look, dress, & act like an unassuming college senior that’s how I’ll be treated.

Not saying I want to change myself at its core, just polish it up. I’m sorry but I’ll never be one of these girls, nothing wrong with them but its far from who I am.  You’ve got your life together & your kids all make it to sports practice on time. 502e3cc37ae7a52e70327db7bd1a8ee2

I also I know I will never be the girl I really want to project myself as because I value comfort way too much. But hey come on a girl can dream. I mean look at her, ugh. So classy & flawless.   2013-Korea-fashion-T-Shirts-Women-Ladies-ruffles-Formal-OL-shirt-Long-puff-Sleeve-Vintage-Shirts






Needless to say I need to settle on a me I wanna be. So I think were gonna go with the typical Pintrest girl. howtowearleggings8

Ok, so now that I have figured out who I wanna be let me say that I’m gonna be buying a few books on the subject manner & I’m going to be sharing my journey here with you starting next week. I hope you join me on my conquest to be classy, but if you don’t I hope you get a good laugh at my attempt. Email me or comment down below & stay in touch. Give me your pointers & we’ll go at it together! 


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