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Buy or Make?? ¦¦¦Can face masks be cheap?

Ok, so here is the requested Face Mask post! 

Honestly, it was hard for me to write this, because for some reason I can’t bring myself to spend money on face masks.  My gut tells me that regular care of my face kinda gets rid of the need for face masks. 

I’m still on that bandwagon.  I think face masks are more of a luxury.  Like, do I neeeeeeeeeed a nice long, hot bath and some good YouTube videos?  No, I don’t, but they sure do help me unwind.  Not to say that face masks can’t help boost your face in the right direction, but please please spend your money on quality face wash and moisturizer first.  If you have some extra cash to spare, splurge on a face mask.   

To make my point, and I’m no doctor here, folks, I’m just speaking from a poor girl’s point of view, the cheap face mask you buy at the drug store seemed to do diddly squat for my face.  I mean, one was bright blue!  Like Smurf blue!!!  It was supposed to be a “Dead Sea” mask. I’ve never been to the Dead Sea, but good Lord, Baby Jesus, I pray it’s not bright blue.

I tried the Smurf guts in the first place because years ago my mom had given me a legit Dead Sea mud mask, and that sucker would dry up a pimple like no ones businesses.  Needless to say, Smurf guts does not help with pimples.       

Next, I tried a charcoal mask from the drug store.  eHHHHHHHH.  No, ma’am.  That sucker scratched the heck outa my face.  I was supposed to let it sit for two minutes, then gently scrub it off.  Lord, no.  I didn’t do anything but wipe it off with my hand under the shower, and it felt like sand paper.

Lastly, I will repeat I’m poor, (feel free to send me some masks and I’ll be sure to review them!) I tried out a free deluxe sampler from Sephora.  Boscia Luminizing Black Mask has been fun to try.  You leave it on for 30 minutes and peel it off.  Heads up, it is NOT EASY to peel off, and you look super strange. My husband has seen me test it out a couple of times and each time he says, “not again.” (I think it haunts his dreams) Is it fun to finally peel it off?  Yes!  Does it seem to even out my skin some?  Yes!  Is it worth $34?  I think that is up to you. I probably won’t go out and pay that, but if I was going to buy a mask, I would say it would probably be one like this!


Final verdict????


Make a few of your own masks, whatever works for you! Skip the drug store masks, and if you have extra money, splurge on the nice ones. 

More importantly, let me know what masks you use! Do you make them?

BUUUUUT more importantly than that, feel free to send me a mask to try! 😉


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