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Dupe that or Buy that? Buy or Bye Comparison of Colour Pop and Sephora Matte Lipstick.

∇Hey loves! Miss me? Well remember in my last post I said it had been a crazy week? Well times that by 1000X. Turns out the pain I was having was a couple kidney stones moving around! Yikes! I hope I can start posting weekly now that I am healing! ∇





Lately I’ve been love love loving matte lipsticks! I’ve also been loving Instagram makeup dupe pages (dupes are makeup products that are super similar in either color or formulation or both)  and “bye or buy” YouTube videos that explain the quality of new products. 

That being said I decided to write ya’ll a little blog warning you about a matte lipstick and hopefully spare you the ugly days I had, and give you an even better alternative.

Normally dupes are cheaper but similar quality, nah ah, not my dupe. Mixing mine with a “buy or bye” theme I can save you money, heartache, and still give you that awesome color payout you’re looking for!  


Without further adieu the face off begins,

D U M   D U M   D u u u u u u u u u u m m m m m m :

Colour Pop Ultra Matte Lip in Tulle  VS. Sephora Color Lip Last in COLOR 06 Blooming Rose

◊Disclaimer Disclaimer!◊

Yes, I know one is a liquid lipstick and one is a stick lipstick, but the color is so similar, the claims are similar BUT the pay off is completely different.

Man, I am now a Colour Pop believer! I bought the Ultra Matte Liquid Lipstick in Tull and the Lip Pencil in Tootsi and have been swooning.

I tested them out on my hand FOR A FULL DAY and the suckers did not budge till I took my EYE Makeup remover to it, REPEAT, EYE MAKEUP REMOVER.  Sucker wanted to stay on my hand like a tattoo.

Applying it on the lips is simpler to apply then one would think. It dries so beautifully and lasts oh so well. I wouldn’t suggest reapplying it more than once because it does dry intensely  matte.    

Speaking of drying Matte, the Sephora Color Lip does dry matte, along with peeling off in matte little beads in SECONDS! I’ve tried exfoliating my lips before hand, moisturizing before applying, EVERYTHING. This sucker just gets all crusty and balls off, not a good look, not a good look, eh.

Adding on top of the reason I loath the Sephora Color Lip Last, the day, THE DAY PEOPLE, I brought it home the lipstick fell out of the tube. Come on, I just paid  freaking $14 for it to fall out before I use it? The ladies at Sephora were nice and replaced it, that helped a whole lot. New tube maybe better luck? NO it fell out again!! And it still sucked! Nope Nope Nope, I don’t like it not one bit. 

Colour Pop Ultra Matte Lip in Tulle:

  • Easy to Apply ♥
  • Awesome Color Payoff ♥
  • Cheap (normally $6 but is $4.80 for Cyber Monday!)♥
  • Long Wearing♥
  • Cannot Reapply more than once ∅

Sephora Color Lip Last in COLOR 06 Blooming Rose:

  • Peels off Lips∅
  • Not as Cheap ($14)∅
  • Poor Quality ∅
  • Not Long Wearing∅
  • Very Pretty Color ♥

 If you wanna go check out Colour Pop, click HERE ❤ ! 

This is how awesome Tulle looks on the lips!
I Hope This Helps You Make An Awesome Purchasing Decision Soon On Matte Lipsticks! (GO COLOR POP)

Much Love! XOXO♥

A     †



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