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Kat Von D Shade and Light Eye Contour Palette First Impression and Review

For several months I’ve been looking and asking around for a dupe for the color Succubus from Kat Von D Shade and Light Eye Contour Palette, for no avail! It is the most beautiful burnt rust color for fall and I was dreaming about it every day.

Well friends, I spent the money and got the whole darn palette (which i was trying to avoid) and it was a really…..dumdumdum……


                                 GREAT decision! 

This palette doesn’t get enough hype! It gets surpassed by the Urban Decay Naked pallets. The Naked pallets are good, they have good pigmentation, great selection of matte and shimmer, and beautiful color combinations; but they do not hold a candle to the Shade and Light Eye Contour Palette.

Kat Von D has out done them all! I will always prefer matte over shimmer and all of these shades are matte. Also you get way more color pay of and pigmentation and the size of the shadows are larger.

The only thing that is better about the Naked is the color selection is larger. All the colors in the Shade and Light Palette are very similar because it is three palettes in one. Meaning that they are all the same color scheme but one section is in cool, one is in neutral, and one is warm. It will suit every skin tone, but personally, I mix and match all three. Because hey-

~i live on the beauty wild side~

The palette does not come with a brush, which is a bummer because the brush is really pricey. I have plenty of brushes and don’t really need the Kat Von D brush, but it would’ve been nice. In place of the brush, I would say, is an instructional pamphlet that comes in english and french (Parlez-vous français?). Hey, just looking out for the fashion mecca of the world, eh? 

Buy here! And here

I’m thinking about putting together some tutorials for this palette and maybe even the Naked palette! Let me know if thats something you’d be interested in!

Till next time! 

xoxo -a

PS We’ve reached over 1,000 views! Please continue to share so that I can convince my husband to let me buy more things…lol 

I F   Y O U   L I K E  T H I S   P O S T   B E  S U R E

 P R E S S   T H A T   L I T T L E  S T A R   T O

 L I K E  A N D  F O L L O W   U S !


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