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Why I Chose Monroe Louisiana Over Washington DC

Me living in DC
Me living in DC

This is a topic I’ve been mulling around in my mind as of late. I couldn’t decide if our (hey smashm0uth-welcome to the admin of Beauxandpearls—errrr body say Heeeey) easy going blog post was the right place for me to air out these thoughts.

    I was a very fortunate little girl. I grew up in a very loving and forward-thinking home; I was given every opportunity my family could afford. My father was always pushing me to be the best I could be, to pave the way for other women to succeed in their field if choice. The field my family really wanted me to pave was in government. If any one has ever been given more opportunity in that field, it was me.

   I have been able to intern under two senators, attend several Model United Nation sessions & mock state congresses; I’ve been to the United Nation in Switzerland for my dad to speak, met more senators, congressmen/women, and government officials than I can count. I never felt like I fit in, never felt whole.

Model United Nations. Yes that is me acting as Afghanistan with my other female partner

I kept trying and trying and I kept felling like a failure. If this was life, why did we all keep doing this day by day? 

   I won’t go into my spiritual walk that lead me to my husband and how those feelings went away, because this is a beauty blog.I will tell y’all that recently, I began to follow what my heart kept feeling happy.My heart lead me to follow my husband. My other half, who makes my feel more like me. The cliche missing part of me. I can go into the situations where I used to feel like I never fit in and now I feel like the Queen B, the BIG BAD BOSS LADY. ♥ Even with this new found part of me, I can’t escape the loves my heart keeps pulling me to. The things that make me happier than a tick on a dog.  I love makeup, I love hair, I love cooking, I love animals, I love helping people, and wait…. can I be a feminist and love all this too? It doesn’t feel right; loving everything that has held women down for so long (our looks, house skills, and being motherly). Shouldn’t I be out changing the world by being the best senator, best president, best CEO? For so long I felt like I had to run from those things to be a strong female. Now, as I am working to accept all of who I am I am realizing that “feminine” as well as other not so “feminine” things are part of my make up. 

   Then one day driving home from work, listening to ↑ song, it hit me: being a feminist meant I should be able to be who I want and not be looked down on for being a woman. Being a feminist does not mean I cannot like things that are considered feminine. Men, women, white, black, whatever, should have the right to do their part in this world without judgement from their skin or sex. It doesn’t matter how little their part may seem, it was put in them to make the world move one step closer to greatness. Every janitor makes life possible for every CEO. Every animal rescuer makes life possible for the lives they’re saving. Yes, I am alluding to Butterfly Effect; the things I do today will in turn benefit you tomorrow.  

   Who knows, maybe I will be a CEO. Maybe I will be a great senator. Maybe I’ll be a stay at home mom. I don’t know where life will bring my husband and I. I do know that, while I may not be able to change the world like my family had dreamed for me, I can change the ground I walk on. I can pave a path for goodness, grace, compassion, and success for both men and women around me to follow. 

Till then always yours Ξ

♥ XOXO – A 

I F   Y O U   L I K E  T H I S   P O S T   B E  S U R E

 P R E S S   T H A T   L I T T L E  S T A R   T O

 L I K E  A N D  F O L L O W   U S !

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