April Favorites and Hate Its ~ a must read for Hufflepuffs and Beauty lovers alike ~

Ah the month of April. 

The month of waiting for things outa my control and fighting my way out of a slippery slope of depression. 

Good news is I have developed some must have things in the month of April and some super favorites that I get to share with you.





I have now entered the world of Harry Potter, several years late I know. But I thank God it came to me when it did. Going off into another world of good fighting evil and where life seems a little bit less depressing, kept me in my toes when I needed to be distracted from my own life.  

Sometimes you just need to evacuate real life and go into a different world. Normally, I would do so by reading a good book, but I haven’t had the stamina. So watching the Harry Potter films ( no I haven’t read the books yet don’t kill me true Potter fans) has been a release for me.  I’m not done with all of them so don’t tell me anything!!!! If you haven’t looked into them you need to do so, its worth the hype. 



Here is my April list of amazing products that I have clung to this month even though I slipped in my daily makeup routine ( I felt sad and didn’t want to do makeup ~ sue me~). I kept on super strong with my skin care and didn’t change much from last time but I’ll list it again! 

  • First off Murad face wash is still my life long love affair. I treasure it like it is gold and use it every night. Dis sucker will help rid you of any face demons that terrorize your skin! 
  •  My second holy grail is Ole HenriksenTruth Serum Vitamin C Collagen Booster. Dis serum I use it every morning with or without makeup to get my skin looking glowy and tight! It also over time reduces scaring. To me I imagine I’m rubbing liquid sunshine into my dull pores.


  • Ya’ll I have a new bomb dot com foundation. I never thought that I would stray from Tarte Amazonian Clay but someone else stole my heart. This puppy right here will give you full to light coverage depending on how you apply it. It feels like a second layer of skin and it wears beautifully all day!   GET IT,  MAKE UP FOR EVER Ultra HD Invisible Cover Foundation, get it baby. 
  • Lastly I fell in love with a gimmick guys.  Smashbox Photo Finish Primer Water, I don’t know that it does anything, heck it may make my makeup look worse but I don’t care. It fells so refreshing to spray on after my serum….aaaaahhhhhh. I even use it during the day when my skin ( I mean me) feels and looks sad. 



  • My one hate is……dum dum dum….Urban Decay De-Slick Oil-Control Makeup Setting Spray. Ok hear me out before you pitch fork my house. I love the  Urban Decay All Nighter Long-Lasting Makeup Setting Spray and I thought since it was getting warm outside I would give the oil control one a try. Nope. Nada. Wrong idea. Made my pores clog up and my face look greasy by the end of the day.






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Red Wine and Ambien  

(I am not speaking out against medication. I am not a doctor. I am a strong believer in the use of medication)

How many of you take medication to help you sleep?

How many of you take it because you can’t turn your brain off?

How many of you take a pill to help calm you down?

How many of you self medicate to treat either of these symptoms?

Welcome to the 70% of America folks.

Now, I could go down the rabbit trail of my personal theory of Maslow’s Hierarchy and how meeting our basic needs with ease causes us to “self create”( I say that super loosely) issues to solve. But no one came here to meet Alice for Tea with the Mad Hatter right? Since I’m not actually a psychologist, let me cut to the chase and  share with you some basic reasons why you’re miserable.

Reason number one : you suck

….no no no…. I’m just kidding. Just trying to keep your attention because I’m sure you’re snoozing on the science talk above.


I’m not really gonna go in order of anything. Just going to give you some thoughts so just hang tight till the end.
So this is how we live our lives. In small steps, daily steps:

  • Clock in
  • Clock out
  • Repeat
  • Watch tv
  • Check social media
  • Maybe hangout with someone
  • Maybe just go to bed (hey, that’s me! Bedmister)

In the broader since this is what we (typical-again saying this loosely) do:

  • Go to school(s)
  • Get a job(s)
  • Get married (maybe a couple of times till you get it right)
  • Have a kid(s)
  • Tell said kid(s) they can do anything. They can change the world even
  • Put kid(s)  in little league
  • Put kid(s)  in school
  • Tell kid(s) to get job
  • Scoff at kid(can I stop doing the “s” now?) who doesn’t want to live the mundane life and tell kid to grow up
  • Kid gets job and repeats the process

Now why do we do that? Why do we live such mundane lives and tell our kids to reach for the starts only to at some magical age cut it down? Because we expect for “adults” to be jaded about the world and give in. If you’re not jaded than you’re abnormal. Children are free from taxes, trying to get mortgages, getting their heart broken, again and again.

We’re excepted to be either self medicated or actually medicated. Now I’m not talking about real biological needs for medication. Trust me I know that sometimes your body needs that boost to get back on its feet or to stay steady on its feet. Either way it’s not wrong. But are we putting ourselves in situations where our bodies our failing us emotionally?

We’re so full that we’re empty.

We aren’t doing anything with our lives. We either live lazy, self centered lives to keep from being intangled by the stresses of “life”  or were constantly stressed out. There’s so much house work, so much work at work, so much drama here, so much, so much.  Honestly either way we’re self centered.

We’ve pushed the issues of the world so far out of our heads because it stresses us out. Because there’s nothing we can do. We don’t realize someone is pulling at the hems of our clothes trying to capture our attention for help. How can we help someone if we need so much help ourselves?

Here’s my over simplified answer that will equally tick all of you off. Love. That’s all I know to do is love.

Do I get stressed out easy? Yes. Can I fix everything? no. Does that stress me out? Yes.

Let me tell you what’s it’s like to not give up and give into to being jaded as an adult. Let me telling what’s it’s like to still wanna change the world.

It’s loney. Sometimes you feel like the only one. Sometimes you are the only one you can see. There’s a lot of nights spent crying because it seems impossible . There’s a lot of night spent reading, studying, learning all you can.  Your eyes start see pain everywhere. Your eyes start to see light everywhere others can’t see. You see light in the hopless. You somehow always feel helpless, hopeless, powerful, and happy at the same time. You’re constantly in fear you’re too late, underqualified, or just crazy. You’re restless and every fiber of your being wants to fight the mundan.

Why do we decide not to live like that? Well a kids movie just explained it to me (Zootopia) “it’s easier to give up on your dreams. It’s easier to be complacent.”

So say you want to join the dreamers and changers. Say you want to fight the mundane. How do you? Love.

Yes, just love.

Love shows you what to do. It shows you what not to do. It cares for others. It cares for you. Love shows you the coworker that’s going through a hard time. Love can help mend them. Love mends your own broken heart.

 Love is the easiest and the hardest thing to do.

Love is the only thing that I , as an extreme dreamer, hold on to. I fight everyday to show extreme love to everyone I can. I fail all the time but I get better. Love moves like a flood. If you have it and share it then the next person does the same and the next the same. Suddenly you’ve made a difference.

Once you’re so empty that you’re full you need less and less of the other things to fill you up.

You don’t need that wine to relax. You don’t need that Xanex, this time to breath.  You don’t need to be alone all night on your phone or watching tv. You don’t need to be stressed all the time or destress all the time.

Hard words to live by. I still truly  can’t. But I will tell you I’ve lived life both ways: and the way of love is a lot better.

I can’t tell you how to live it. That you have to figure out. I can tell you someone, somewhere is begging for your love. Whether it’s right next to you  or worlds away. Someone is pulling at your Skirt tails. It’s not always easy.  But trust me it’s worth it.


How to have a flawless face ¦ my foundation routines. (Light to Full Coverage)

So apparently I took a vacation last week, I wish. Sorry I ducked out for a week. I’ve got a loooooooot on my plate!

———>Anyways, back to the voter requested foundation routines!

I’m kinda a foundation junkie. I used to have FLAWLESS Know-About-Snow-White-Complexion-skin. Like Snow White I swear.
Then 22 hit and my face decided to rebel. It was the civil war of my body and the death toll tallied on my face.

That is when my love affair with makeup began. I’ve always had a knack for eye makeup but not face. Most days now I skip the eyes and go super glam on the face.

I’m gonna go over my favorite foundations and application for three different types of looks; light, medium, and full coverage. Ready set goooooo…


So think of this as, “I’m happy with my skin and just want more of a flawless look.”  “I don’t care if imperfections show through.” or “I really hate the feeling of foundation and would sacrifice coverage for comfort.”

Light coverage foundations will only cover up minor imperfections and usually give more of a glow to the skin.

Here I have two favorites.

One for dryer skin :  Nars Pure Radiant Tinted Moisturizer

One for normal/combination skin:  MAKE UP FOR EVER Face & Body Liquid Makeup Foundation (if layered this foundation could be medium)

I’ve found the best way to apply these are *gasp* your own clean hands. I know I know, terrible. Why should we use our free God given tools? lol Beauty Blenders are great but they really sheer our light foundations and provide pretty much no coverage. Normally, because light foundations are more liquidus makeup brushes soak them up and then just kinda push them around.

My go to for these is to use my clean hands after cleaning and moisturizing (and letting my moisturizer sink in and dry so my pores can breath *breath in and breath out*)  my face. Normally I still feel fresh face after using light foundation, it doesn’t feel heavy.



So lets think of medium coverage like you need to go to work or just out and about but your whatever-floats-your-goatface has a slight tomato hue, or you used to be the tanning salons number one customer and you have some discoloration, ooooorrrrr you just want more coverage. Whatever floats your goat *cough cough boat*. 

This coverage is gonna make you look like a normal human being with fabulous skin. You can still see your Clark Kent side but Superman is shining through.

I have one super favorite foundation (not too fabulous for super dry skin) : Tarte Amazonian Clay

And one that I’m still testing out : COVERGIRL Outlast Stay Fabulous 3-In-1 Foundation

Now don’t let the name clay in the Tarte Amazonian Clay  scare you, yes it is thick, but this foundation (which used to be the only one I used on myself and others for like ever) can be applied differently for different ranges of coverage.

Apply it to a clean moisturized, primed ( I do suggest using primer with this one if you have anything except normal skin – use mattfying for oil and moisturizing  for dry) , and dry face with a beauty blender and you have medium coverage. Apply a second coat you have a full medium coverage. Apply with a makeup brush and you have a fuller medium coverage. I wouldn’t go so far as to call it full coverage, even though some claim it is (heck even it claims it is). You can top it off with the Amazonian Clay Airbrush Powder Foundation for a super full coverage.

The COVERGIRL Outlast Stay Fabulous 3-In-1 Foundation seems to go on easy. I had read that it was a full coverage foundation but to get it up to medium coverage I have had to apply two layers. Its not heavy and doesn’t dry tacky. But I do set this one with my Coty Airspun Powder and with that it seems to last a long while. I haven’t used this one too much but it is a cheaper option. 


Full Coverage

I haven’t really tested out the waters for that many true full coverage foundations because honestly they scare me.

Whats the best thing to do when something scares you? Face the worst of it head on. Soooo I’ve been testing Kat Von D’s Lock-It Foundation not only is it a full coverage, like super full coverage, its a true matte. AHHHHHHHH

This sucker is hard to put on if you don’t know what your doing. So don’t venture down 07-cake-facethis stream if you’re not ready to look a fool a couple days while learning. At least that’s
what I did. It can become cake face so face you’ll wish real cake baked that fast, be sure to use a moisturizing – silicon free primer and to blend this out WELLLLLLL! If not you will end up with streaks you cannot blend out. Cuz once this sucker dries, its plastered on your face for lyfe ya know. Word of advice, blend it well down your neck because it does tend to oxidize (turn a darker color) when its set. Nothing to bad but you don’t want your face and neck to be two different shades.

If you’re looking for super flawless super full coverage Kat Von D is your girl.

Well that’s all for now folks.

One quick tid bit – I do spray a setting spray after applying all these foundation except the Kat Von D (for Obv reasons – it ain’t goin no where).


Ta Ta For Now  



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Buy or Bye ∇ Dupe dat Comparison ¦NYX Micro Brow Pencil º L’oreal Brow Stylist Definer ºAnastasia Brow Wiz

Who will win this brow battle throw down? 

I have paid the price, aka bad brow days, to test some brow products and find worthy dupes. I have found three similar eyebrow products that promise the same things ¦ two drug store and one high ends, and I’m here to tell you what is what.

First lets say the eyebrows frame the face ladies and gentlemen. They are not twins but they are sisters who want to be twins ( and if you’re really unlucky like me they’re friends who want to be twins). To fulfill their dreams of twindom we must strive to reach the highest level, that being Cara Delevingne. 


Am I right ladies?

Ok,  my point being we need them to match because it has been the year of the eyebrow. Everyone is talking about them in the beauty and fashion world and I’m here to help you conquer them puppies. Well…kinda…I’m just here to show you some good tool options to tame them. 

  • First lets talk about the brow product some would say started it all. The Anastasia Brow Wiz. This $21 itty bitty pencil is suppose to make small enough lines to mimic the fine brow hairs and therefor create a fuller more precise and defined brow. My opinion and I know some gurus may shun me, skip it. Its super pricey and I think I have some things you’ll like just as much. Go to a movie, buy some good skin care or foundation with that $21.

    Dats Expennnsive but OOOK if you wanna

    But hey if you’re loaded and just want to buy it go ahead. Its a good product. Be sure to keep the cap on, because not only will it mark up everything in your makeup-bag with a stain you will try the rest of your life to remove, it will dry out pretty easy and become chalky. I do love the spoolie but all three of these products and most brow products come with one. One good thing is it does come in a pretty decent amount of shades.

  • Next is the NYX Micro brow. I really loved this brow pencil for a long time, its a little bit chalkier and harder to create lines with than the Anastasia but for the price of $9.99 (~are you out of your mind?~), plus getting it at Ulta they always have something like $3.50 off, so that ends up more than half of the price of the Anastasia. Its a good product and a good dupe for  Anastasia Brow Wiz. It also comes in the most shade options, so if you have a hard to match brow color it would be a good fit for you. My opinion is…dun dun dun…skip it. If you would have asked me last week I would’ve given it a 6 thumbs up, yes I know I only have two but still I really liked it. That is until something like manna from heaven graced the drugstore makeup isles. 

  • L’Oreal Paris Brow Stylist Definer Brow Liner is what has changed my brow game. It’s going to run somewhere between $6-8 depending on where you buy it. It is not chalky at all, goes on smooth, stays all day, creates super thin lines, and just makes me happy. I would pick this over the Anastasia Brow Wiz any day of the week, even if I was swimming in a jacuzzi of $100 dollar dollar bill ya’ll.

    community abed eyebrow wiggle

    Bow Chick Wow Wow

    It does only come in three shades, but what I do is top it off with Rimmel Brow This Way Brow Gel and then blend it with a spoolie to create the color I need. It’s like $4 and still the Brow Stylist is worth it.  Tip of the hat to you Tati Westbrook of Glam Life Guru. Go check out here YouTube Channel, or any other of her social media sites, (click on her name) and tell her I sent you and we love this brow product! I was watching one of the videos and she mentioned it. Thanks Tati.  

Well that’ll wrap this one up! My opinion is go for the L’Oreal Paris Stylist Brow Liner! You won’t regret it. If you try it let me know what you think! 

justin timberlake gif holidays gif no life gif nsync gif goodbye gif


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Can you put a pig in a palace? 

I’ve been reading the Lauren Conrad Beauty and Style books trying lady like myself, cough cough, I mean having Modern Manners. 

Lets just say its not all fun & games. I’m failing pretty hard. I’m like a greasy old pig running around in a palace.

I never remember to push my shoulders back. Out of this entire week so far I’ve only dressed like a proper adult once day. & I’m not really sure if that counted because I still looked like a hot mess. Come on ya’ll I need more moral support! Send me pointers & encouragement! Lets do this together!! 


Alright, lets stop messing around & watching My Fair Lady GIFs & get this show on the road. 

Lesson One: 

“Over the last few years I’ve been able to work with several women who I really respected …they were strong, but they were kind and didn’t need to shout to be heard. A lot of women feel like they need to be tough to be taken seriously. We have this idea that kindness is weakness, which I don’t think is true.” Lauren Conrad 

I find this to be so true. Over the last couple of years I have grown a tougher skin. I find it hard to keep the balance of the natural kindness that comes with my personality and having blunt strength to make it places in life. I can’t be a door mat but I also can’t thorw my Modern Manners to the wind and be rude. I guess I will continue to grow in this area. Better yet we will continue to grow.  


I’ll be back next week with another Modern Manners chronicle and soon with some other people input on Modern Manners. 

Also coming soon I have Buy or Bye soon! Keep stopping by! 


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Modern Day Manners

So, I’m starting this journey, in February not January as not to be confused with a New Years Resolution (I do not like those Sam I am, I do not like green eggs & ham).  I’m starting the journey of manners &  posture. My gut tells me to call this the journey of being lady-like, but my heart tells me that’s a little sexist. Soooooo we’ll just call it Modern Manners & save face with everyone!   

I’ve seen several videos & pictures of myself & realized how much I look like a buffoon.  I don’t carry myself with the class I thought I did. I’m less like Taylor Swift & Audrey Hepburn ( yes I am comparing the two because its my blog post & I’ll do what I want) & more like a well groomed gorilla. Yikes.  

There are a lot of things I want to accomplish in life & they all start with how I carry myself. If I still look, dress, & act like an unassuming college senior that’s how I’ll be treated.

Not saying I want to change myself at its core, just polish it up. I’m sorry but I’ll never be one of these girls, nothing wrong with them but its far from who I am.  You’ve got your life together & your kids all make it to sports practice on time. 502e3cc37ae7a52e70327db7bd1a8ee2

I also I know I will never be the girl I really want to project myself as because I value comfort way too much. But hey come on a girl can dream. I mean look at her, ugh. So classy & flawless.   2013-Korea-fashion-T-Shirts-Women-Ladies-ruffles-Formal-OL-shirt-Long-puff-Sleeve-Vintage-Shirts






Needless to say I need to settle on a me I wanna be. So I think were gonna go with the typical Pintrest girl. howtowearleggings8

Ok, so now that I have figured out who I wanna be let me say that I’m gonna be buying a few books on the subject manner & I’m going to be sharing my journey here with you starting next week. I hope you join me on my conquest to be classy, but if you don’t I hope you get a good laugh at my attempt. Email me or comment down below & stay in touch. Give me your pointers & we’ll go at it together! 


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coat 1

The Coat

What would you do if all you had was what you could carry on your back?  What would you keep?  What would you give away?  What if all you had was what someone has given you?


Sometimes I feel helpless, like I haven’t done anything with my life, and that I’m going nowhere and drifting through the days.  I had something happen to me about a week ago that has helped me trudge through those feelings.

I’m writing this post not to brag, but to hopefully put life into perspective for you, like it did me.

To start out, I want to say I married a saint!  An absolute gosh diggidgy saint. (so much so that I’m surprised the heavens don’t part and the angels don’t start singing hallelujah)  Several times a month he stops and gives food to the homeless living under a bridge we pass on our way home from church.

This week he brought food and I told him to ask if they needed anything for the freeze coming that night. He came back up and said they needed blankets, so off to lovely Wally World we goooooo………

Lets cut to the chase.  I don’t normally go down there with him, per his request, but since he’d been down there a couple times in the same day he felt comfortable enough to let me go.  I went down there in my church clothes, slid down the mud (even passed a bright orange Bible on the slide down), and met an older man trying to rig up a 16 ft tent into a 5 ft space, his middle aged son and his wife, as well as another man.  There were formalities of course.  They were so kind and grateful!  But the real meat of this story is that I didn’t have a coat on in this super cold weather.  I was trying not to shiver because for some reason I thought that would be insensitive.  The lady asked me what size coat I wore, but I ensured her I was fine!  She kept saying that she had a coat that she couldn’t wear, but I told her it was going to be cold tonight and she might come across someone  who needed it.

This lady wouldn’t give up ’til I took this coat, so I went over to look at it.  It was beautiful, in perfect condition, and this lady really really wanted me to have it, so I held it in my arms while we continued discussing what else we could help them with.

I finally got so cold that I draped it on the front of me.  I kept thinking, I don’t know where this coat has been, I don’t want to put it on.

Finally I hit myself and realized how rude I was being.  I thought I was doing the right things by bringing food and blankets, and even gave joy to this lady by taking this coat, but here I was treating this beautiful coat like trash.

In the final minutes I put the coat on, and to my surprise, it fit perfectly!  Coats never fit me right! (p.s. people always say they want “curves” but clothes aren’t made for “curves.” ugh).  As we were walking away I heard the lady say, “It fits her perfectly. Oh my, it looks so good on her.”

I gave her something more than blankets, food, or even comfort.  I reached the human side of her.  I was so unwilling to take from someone who had so little.  When that freeze hit I’d be asleep in my heated house, and she wouldn’t.

While this is all speculation, this is how I interpret the situation.   At the end of the day she needed to not feel helpless.  She GAVE me something; she helped someone.  I guess I can’t explain it, but I knew at that moment that taking that coat meant more to her than anything I brought her.coat 2


How little a coat means to me and how much it meant to her. 


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Buy or Make?? ¦¦¦Can face masks be cheap?

Ok, so here is the requested Face Mask post! 

Honestly, it was hard for me to write this, because for some reason I can’t bring myself to spend money on face masks.  My gut tells me that regular care of my face kinda gets rid of the need for face masks. 

I’m still on that bandwagon.  I think face masks are more of a luxury.  Like, do I neeeeeeeeeed a nice long, hot bath and some good YouTube videos?  No, I don’t, but they sure do help me unwind.  Not to say that face masks can’t help boost your face in the right direction, but please please spend your money on quality face wash and moisturizer first.  If you have some extra cash to spare, splurge on a face mask.   

To make my point, and I’m no doctor here, folks, I’m just speaking from a poor girl’s point of view, the cheap face mask you buy at the drug store seemed to do diddly squat for my face.  I mean, one was bright blue!  Like Smurf blue!!!  It was supposed to be a “Dead Sea” mask. I’ve never been to the Dead Sea, but good Lord, Baby Jesus, I pray it’s not bright blue.

I tried the Smurf guts in the first place because years ago my mom had given me a legit Dead Sea mud mask, and that sucker would dry up a pimple like no ones businesses.  Needless to say, Smurf guts does not help with pimples.       

Next, I tried a charcoal mask from the drug store.  eHHHHHHHH.  No, ma’am.  That sucker scratched the heck outa my face.  I was supposed to let it sit for two minutes, then gently scrub it off.  Lord, no.  I didn’t do anything but wipe it off with my hand under the shower, and it felt like sand paper.

Lastly, I will repeat I’m poor, (feel free to send me some masks and I’ll be sure to review them!) I tried out a free deluxe sampler from Sephora.  Boscia Luminizing Black Mask has been fun to try.  You leave it on for 30 minutes and peel it off.  Heads up, it is NOT EASY to peel off, and you look super strange. My husband has seen me test it out a couple of times and each time he says, “not again.” (I think it haunts his dreams) Is it fun to finally peel it off?  Yes!  Does it seem to even out my skin some?  Yes!  Is it worth $34?  I think that is up to you. I probably won’t go out and pay that, but if I was going to buy a mask, I would say it would probably be one like this!


Final verdict????


Make a few of your own masks, whatever works for you! Skip the drug store masks, and if you have extra money, splurge on the nice ones. 

More importantly, let me know what masks you use! Do you make them?

BUUUUUT more importantly than that, feel free to send me a mask to try!😉


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Hi, my name is Andrea and I can’t keep up with my brain. 

You know I read somewhere that every time your remember a moment, you’re actually remembering the last time you remembered it. Now das confusing. What happens to a memory I’m remembering for the first time? Eh too much for my little brain.

I better get to my point before I take you down a rabbit trail of question I have about the human brain.

Here’s my point:

I don’t remember much of my childhood or teenage years. In fact one of my first super vivid memories is from my first week at collage. Now when I say I don’t remember much I mean of course I remember vague things, like my house, who I was friends with, and blah blah blah.  But what I don’t remember is scenes of my life, and the memories I can call up to thought are all sad. (This is why I think Sadness from Inside Out is my spirit animal)

But after college I start remembering more scenes and pretty much only remember the good parts. (Which has created a fantasy fictitious  past in which my mind always wants to visit, no mind no, it’s not real and there were hard times then too. Stay! Stay mind stay!)


The strange thing is I don’t remember the “big moments.”



So I’m starting this blog at 2am because if I get woken up when I’m sleeping I sure as heck can’t go back to sleep. (Shout out to the husband who has to work till 12am and tip toe to bed) When I was just laying in bed(trying with all my little might to go back to sleep. Maybe telling my brain to stay was a bad idea. Go brain go. Go to magical dream land. Bye Felicia) I was remembering a trip to New York City with my dad. Here’s the scenes I can’t remember: seeing Time Square and other “important things.” Now can I remember I went to those “New Yorky” places in general, well yeah I don’t have memory loss, but I can’t pull up a clear scenes.

Know what I can pull up? A quiet back street diner that I ate breakfast with my dad. Do I remember what I ate, nah but I only order the same breakfast foods anywhere but who cares sure you don’t care what I eat for breakfast (or maybe I should start posting Instagram pics of every meal! What a novel idea). I don’t even remember the conversation we had, all I remember was the feeling. I was happy.



So we’re skipping years 0-19 because for some reason I was having brain issue and only remembered sad things and now just talking about 19 on.

Yes I’ve always battled depression and anxiety since I can remember, so I know all those years weren’t only spent chasing rainbows and farting butterflies. But for some reason they hold my best memories.

My husband and I have done a lot of cool things, and had some super romantic moments, and if I do say so myself, one of the best looking gosh darn weddings ever. But when I think about loving my husband I think I a ride we had in his jeep before we started dating. I have no idea where we were going or even what we talked about most of the time, just two little things: how handsome he was and how for some reason he thought it was a cool idea to get me over my fear of guns by having me load one while he was driving. (Man that seems so stupid for us to do now. Disclaimer: never follow Craig and I’s example. )

When I think about college I don’t think of tests, I think of my best friend with her hoodie up to her eyeballs laughing and watching movie. I don’t remember the conversation and I don’t remember what we watched but I remember how much love she had for me and how much that meant to me. I swear the love I get from my husband and my best friend bar none. They even love the bad parts of me and sometimes even they think the bad parts are cute. Goodness me who could love me like that?

Here’s my point, maybe my brain remembers these moments because they’re what really matter. Time Square doesn’t matter, where ever my husband and I were driving to doesn’t matter, and the movies I watched with my best friend don’t matter. What matters is my dad, my husband, and my best friend. They are my memories. Maybe after 19 my brain realized that being sad with a lot is a thing for me (shout out Sadness again) so there’s no need to make it a special memory. What is important are the moments I felt love.



If you’re like younger me and only remember the bad, or if you only like older me and pretty much only remember the good; I feel bad for you.

Only remembering the sad always left me empty, but only remember the good leaves me longing for the past. (It also leads me down a path of letting people who hurt me back in to my light repeatedly because I remember the good times with them more than the bad)

Maybe you remember an equal amount of both good and bad memories, maybe (gasp) you’re a healthy normal balanced person. (Obv I’m not and one day soon they’re gonna drag me off to the lunnie bin) I envy you. Because if I didn’t have both types of memories, even if they are at separate times in my lifetime, I would always be in a cycle of non growth in life. I would be a hamster on a wheel.

You’re memories are important because they are moments your brain said “let’s keep this and maybe it’ll help one day; or maybe it’ll help someone else.” Sorry if you ended up with a hoarder of memories brain and sorry if you if ended up with a brain like my mom, who thinks nothing is sacred or sentimental and throws it all always. Yes mom I’m still bitter about that.



Next week will be a review on the highly requested face masks! 

Dupe that or Buy that? Buy or Bye Comparison of Colour Pop and Sephora Matte Lipstick.

∇Hey loves! Miss me? Well remember in my last post I said it had been a crazy week? Well times that by 1000X. Turns out the pain I was having was a couple kidney stones moving around! Yikes! I hope I can start posting weekly now that I am healing! ∇





Lately I’ve been love love loving matte lipsticks! I’ve also been loving Instagram makeup dupe pages (dupes are makeup products that are super similar in either color or formulation or both)  and “bye or buy” YouTube videos that explain the quality of new products. 

That being said I decided to write ya’ll a little blog warning you about a matte lipstick and hopefully spare you the ugly days I had, and give you an even better alternative.

Normally dupes are cheaper but similar quality, nah ah, not my dupe. Mixing mine with a “buy or bye” theme I can save you money, heartache, and still give you that awesome color payout you’re looking for!  


Without further adieu the face off begins,

D U M   D U M   D u u u u u u u u u u m m m m m m :

Colour Pop Ultra Matte Lip in Tulle  VS. Sephora Color Lip Last in COLOR 06 Blooming Rose

◊Disclaimer Disclaimer!◊

Yes, I know one is a liquid lipstick and one is a stick lipstick, but the color is so similar, the claims are similar BUT the pay off is completely different.

Man, I am now a Colour Pop believer! I bought the Ultra Matte Liquid Lipstick in Tull and the Lip Pencil in Tootsi and have been swooning.

I tested them out on my hand FOR A FULL DAY and the suckers did not budge till I took my EYE Makeup remover to it, REPEAT, EYE MAKEUP REMOVER.  Sucker wanted to stay on my hand like a tattoo.

Applying it on the lips is simpler to apply then one would think. It dries so beautifully and lasts oh so well. I wouldn’t suggest reapplying it more than once because it does dry intensely  matte.    

Speaking of drying Matte, the Sephora Color Lip does dry matte, along with peeling off in matte little beads in SECONDS! I’ve tried exfoliating my lips before hand, moisturizing before applying, EVERYTHING. This sucker just gets all crusty and balls off, not a good look, not a good look, eh.

Adding on top of the reason I loath the Sephora Color Lip Last, the day, THE DAY PEOPLE, I brought it home the lipstick fell out of the tube. Come on, I just paid  freaking $14 for it to fall out before I use it? The ladies at Sephora were nice and replaced it, that helped a whole lot. New tube maybe better luck? NO it fell out again!! And it still sucked! Nope Nope Nope, I don’t like it not one bit. 

Colour Pop Ultra Matte Lip in Tulle:

  • Easy to Apply ♥
  • Awesome Color Payoff ♥
  • Cheap (normally $6 but is $4.80 for Cyber Monday!)♥
  • Long Wearing♥
  • Cannot Reapply more than once ∅

Sephora Color Lip Last in COLOR 06 Blooming Rose:

  • Peels off Lips∅
  • Not as Cheap ($14)∅
  • Poor Quality ∅
  • Not Long Wearing∅
  • Very Pretty Color ♥

 If you wanna go check out Colour Pop, click HERE❤ ! 


This is how awesome Tulle looks on the lips!

I Hope This Helps You Make An Awesome Purchasing Decision Soon On Matte Lipsticks! (GO COLOR POP)

Much Love! XOXO♥

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